The Sharpest Pain

Lately Mack’s been a bit of a recluse– like Howard Hughes (pictured above).

Remember? Once so dashing and debonair, Hughes retreated from society. When he came out he was unrecognizable: 90 pounds, long scraggly hair and beard, long curly fingernails.

Who knows why he did it? Perhaps he became fed up with and disappointed by humanity.

If so, Mack does not blame him.

But it’s nothing like that for me. I just have a lot of work to do.

I’ll see my friends again.

But I have always been a naturally sociable person, and I remember when I was young, the terrible sharp pain of being “left out” of things.

It seemed like the sharpest pain of all. When people you know are getting together and you weren’t invited.

The worst pain I’ve ever felt, it sometimes seems to me. Worse even than romantic rejection.

But now I feel like I’ve found an even sharper pain: when it happens to one of your kids.

My oldest, Nick, recently found out that his two BEST friends, that he thought were out of town, kids he spends every day with in the school year, are not only in town, but hanging out with each other.

And they haven’t called him. And when he tried to call one of them, three times in one day, the kid never called him back.

It was like a knife to my heart. And I feel so powerless. I’m hoping it’s just summer laziness, but also I can’t wait for him to get some new friends, who are maybe more loyal and stand by him and phone whether it’s “convenient” or not.

I know in the end it will happen. He is everything you could hope a person could be and therefore destined to be popular.

In the meantime, though, I can’t stand to see him be left out, excluded, ostracized. It is the sharpest pain I have ever felt, I think.

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