Bee Pollen Benefits – Pure Natural Energy

Let’s face it, among many products that we provide the bee pollen is one of the most complete and energizing. The bees extract pollen from flowers, form small balls with it and store it in their hives, in small cells specifically dedicated to this purpose. This pollen is also fortified with the nectar to honey they produce, which increases its nutritional and health benefits. Bee pollen  benefits contains proteins (almost all essential amino acids), and is the largest known source of vitamins, minerals and carbohydrates.

The benefits is a powder produced by the male organs of plants, in charge of fertilizing female organs. The bees collect pollen from flowers with their feet and shaping moistened with nectar of small balls that carry to the hive to feed the bees. Through these travels from flower to flower contribute selflessly to the pollination of many species.

It is a natural source of health. Pollen contains a very complete, all the elements essential to the life of every organism, none of which could be achieved artificially or with more sophisticated methods. His wealth of this natural product does a great food supplement, with great participation in maintaining our health.


Benefits with its high percentage of carbohydrates makes it an ideal food supplement in periods of low energy. Bee Pollen contains 20% protein (essential for the proper functioning of the body) and a large number of minerals and trace elements that help the cell function and skeletal muscle. Its contribution to vitamin A makes an ally in phases of growth and vitamin B balances the nervous system.

For centuries, evidence-based medicine has many virtues attributed to pollen, like farmers, who know in depth the importance of pollen in the life of the hive. What represents the main food of bees, hence known by the “bee bread”?

But even with such findings, the idea that the supplement could be of interest in diet is relatively recent. Systematic study and analysis dates back a few decades from work such as doctors Loureaux, Lenormand and Laurizio. Thus, through studies in animals and man, has come to know pollen and more generic features. It has been shown that it is totally harmless, and has identified the growth accelerating effect, an action on reproduction and the actual existence of active antibiotic substances.

Its nutritive, energetic and metabolic diseases are no longer in doubt. It highlights in particular:

–          Increased rates of hemoglobin in blood in anemia, especially in children.

–          Rapid weight gain in very thin people.

–          An increase in overall vitality.

Ways to Eat it

The flavor of the health benefits does not have to like everyone. But for this there are many alternatives to enjoy it.

Some quietly chews such pollen to completely undo it in the mouth; there are some who help swallow with a sip of water. But if none of these forms become simple task for you, taking a spoonful of pollen and dissolve in orange juice or milk and then add a little honey is an excellent way to get it.

And those who prefer to chew can do it by mixing it with yogurt, honey or jam.

There are also products and preparations of pollen, another convenient and effective to take this supplement frequently. Make no mistake about it, bee pollen benefits is a very good source of pure natural energy. Therefore, start taking right from this moment henceforth.

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