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Trends in teen physical fitness programs

When I was in highschool I hated gym class so much that I skipped it most everyday. For some reason the teacher took pity on me, maybe because he knew what a team player I was not, and gave me a good grade anyway. Today it appears that the painful times of waiting while the team captains called only the names of the good athletes are gone. Gym class today consists of activities such as yoga and rock climbing. “Historically, there were two emphases — competitive team sports and physical fitness testing,” said George Graham, a professor of kinesiology at Penn State University and past president of the National Association for Sport and Physical Education. “The emphasis today is more on helping youngsters develop the competence that leads to confidence and enjoyment of a lifetime of physical activity. We have schools teaching yoga, rock-climbing, martial arts, fly-fishing. If a kid is in a program that hasn’t changed from when the parents were in school, it’s just not OK.”

Were I back in highschool, I think I could hack this new regime. It seems to have something for everyone, but more importantly it teaches teens that that something can be a good physical outlet for a lifetime of health.